Children and Adolescents

Problems or challenges which children or adolescents commonly need support with include:

-anxiety that is causing your child or teen significant distress and leading to avoidant behaviours e.g. refusing to attend school or participate in activities due to their anxiety.

-problems with forming and keeping healthy friendships with their peers

-outbursts of frustration or anger which lead to aggressive behaviour toward themselves or others

-difficulty falling or staying asleep due to fear or nightmares

-behavioural problems which are having a negative impact on home or school life

-stress and anxiety due to bullying

-trauma related to exposure to distressing events such as a car accident or assault

-grief and loss issues

-adjusting to major life changes such as moving house, transitioning to high school or parental separation/divorce

-the impact of family mental health issues on home life

Difficulties managing negative emotions like anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues that affect children. One in five children and adolescents is affected by mental health problems and disorders. Those aged 18-24 have the highest prevalence of mental disorders of any age group.

Ways we can help:

The warm and experienced Psychologists at Associated Psychology Practice can help by providing:

-Comprehensive assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment, ADHD and/or Cognitive Assessments IQ testing to identify underlying conditions which may be leading to difficulties with emotional regulation, impulse control, peer relationships and academic performance at school.

-parent skills training and education to help parents/care givers to provide emotional coaching to children, set healthy limits and hold expectations that are appropriate to the age & individual circumstances of the child or young person

-provide direct therapy/counselling to children and teens using a range of therapeutic approaches including but not limited to play therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Which therapists on our team have appointments available for children or adolescents?

Kingswood Practice

Victoria Sammour – children and teens aged 4-25

Immie Wijeratne – aged 5 & over

Katoomba Practice

Kristina Paliokaite – aged 4 & over

How to book an appointment:

To book an appointment for a child or adolescent for assessment or treatment, please call APP on 4722 3137 during business hours.